All You need to Learn about Medical Stretch Mark Removal 

Stretch marks, or striae, appear when your skin rapidly changes shape due to weight gain or growth. Regardless of gender, anyone can be affected by stretch marks. They typically don’t show that your health is compromised in any way. Puberty and pregnancy are the two instances of life where stretch marks appear frequently.

The first sign of a stretch mark is a thin, reddish, or purple line that is different in texture from the skin around it. Most stretch marks will usually vanish after time. They might fade and then become less noticeable. 

Stretch Marks Removal

Laser therapy: The skin is exposed to laser-focused light. The type of laser used may affect how well the therapy works to reduce stretch marks and help them combine with the surrounding skin. 
Microdermabrasion:, Unlike at-home treatments, microdermabrasion includes exfoliating the skin. A professional distribute abrasive material to your skin using a portable wand to scrape away dead skin cells gently.
Microneedling: In microneedling, the skin is punctured with microscopic needles. Due to this procedure, the skin produces collagen and elastin, which may make loose skin appear tighter.
Chemical peeling: Chemical peels performed by professionals are applied professionally and are stronger than those performed at home.

Take Away

Consider the likelihood of developing stretch marks. People experience growth spurts, weight shifts, and pregnancy, among other changes that might result in stretch marks. 

It’s advisable to see your doctor before using any treatment on stretch marks that resulted from pregnancy to confirm that it’s safe.


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