A short history of mid-morning brunch

Read on as we take a short historical exploration of brunch, a dish that has become an important element for family and friends.

The name brunch is a combination of the concept of breakfast and lunch. It is believed to have originated in Britain in the 19th century. It can be traced to a column written for the Hunter’s Weekly by Guy Beringer in 1895. The writer had put in a case for the invention of a meal designed to be taken late Sunday mornings, especially for those who had raved the previous Saturday night. He praised brunch as a meal that encourages people to socialize and do away with the worries and struggles of the week that has passed. He even suggested alcohol to replace coffee and tea, so as to make life even brighter. This resulted in the writer being mentioned the following year in the issue of Punch. It was claiming how popular brunch had now become, and how many were embracing it to be seen as fashionable.

How others received it

Although brunch is a British concept, it was embraced in other parts of the world and especially in America. It was especially made popular by film stars in the 1930’s, who would make train stops for a late morning meal in Chicago. Sunday brunch would even gain more popularity after World War II since few people were going to church.

What constitutes brunch

One of the main elements that has not changed with brunch was the original suggestion by Beringer to serve it with alcohol. You will typically find most brunch menus serve it with drinks, especially for those who want to cure hangovers from the previous night. While alcoholic drinks are not for everyone, some of the common ingredients for brunch include fish balls, sandwich, strata bacon and fried egg among others.

Where to eat your brunch

Brunch has popularly been perceived as a group affair where friends and family can get together and enjoy a sweet and savoury meal that combines elements of breakfast or lunch. However, there are times when it may not be possible to make brunch at home, or maybe you may need a change of scenery to make it even more entertaining. If this is the case, one of the best places to enjoy brunch Hyde Park at the Royal Lancaster London. Here you can enjoy brunch as you get a chance to enjoy breathtakingly beautiful views of the London Skyline as you wind up a hectic week.


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