Five things kids under 12 will enjoy doing in Bangkok

Bangkok is a busy, congested city and comes with a lot of activities for kids under 12 years. There is a lot to see and learn in this city. All one needs is a good rest in a nice comfortable room.

Lancaster Bangkok offers its customers a five-star accommodation in their serviced apartments. Kids get to enjoy free stay here! There are several thing kids can do for fun, but here are five best activities.

1. Dressing up.

For kids who love to try out different cultural outfits. Several stalls hire out costumes for everyone. Dressing up in Indian cultural cloths and having arms and fingernails painted is a cheap but worth experience.

2. Tuk Tuk / Boat ride.

Children will love the mode of transport in Bangkok. Traveling in a tuk-tuk for the first time is mind-blowing, and everyone will love it. Boat rides across the river are relatively cheap and very enjoyable.

3. Visit KidZania.

KidZania is a major kid stop where kids engage in fun activities like actual vocations. Children can try any activity like photography, culinary arts, or even piloting.

Kids compete after learning various activities and earn real money.

KidZania is technically located in a shopping center, so after enjoying what they offer, one hopes right into shopping!!

Shopping in a floating market often leaves kids mesmerized. For a total feel of Thai life, shopping for food in such a market is necessary. There are many delicacies offered like mango sticky rice.

4. Eat!!

In Bangkok, there is delicious, unique food for every taste. Even the pickiest kid gets too much to eat. There is food on the streets, food in the fast-food chain cafes and food in the five- star hotels like Lancaster Bangkok. Food in this city is never easily forgotten.

After all the day’s activities and all the adventures, good sleep in well-serviced rooms comes in handy. At Lancaster Bangkok hotel, the whole family is treated to a good dinner consisting some of the best Thai food in Bangkok.

Kids always enjoy watching traditional Thai dances. They get to take pictures with the beautiful dancers and carry the memories home.


Everyone who visits Bangkok with his kids lives to here recurring stories of the never-ending flashbacks from the kids. From food to historical and religious sites and modernized venues, Bangkok has all one needs on vacation.


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